About us

Haute Heat is a new company born out of personal experience and frustrations in finding a conceal carry holster with that “just right” fit. It is our goal to provide women with several choices that are designed for a woman’s body. We are simply focused on providing women options for concealed carry in a safe environment where they can “touch it, feel it and try it on.” Every woman is different and there is not a “one size fits all” solution. It is our hope to help you avoid the same hassles and frustrations in looking to find the perfect solution for your own concealed carry needs. We will bring the products to you! In the comfort of your own home, you can try several options, risk free, to find out what works best for you! Touch It, Feel It, Try It On!

Haute, according to Webster’s, is an adjective meaning fashionable, high class and Heat is simply slang for gun. Haute Heat is a high class, fashionable way to carry your weapon of choice. Haute Heat will provide you with fashionable, high class, conceal carry options that you can try out in the comfort of your own home risk free.

Our desire at Haute Heat is to provide you with the opportunity to shop for the perfect conceal carry choice that works with your body, your gun and your style. Our Suitcase Show gives you the opportunity to Touch It, Feel It and Try It On before you buy.

Donna’s Story

Donna Snow Pierson

President - Haute Heat

I grew up in southern Idaho hunting and fishing with my family. In the 80’s, I also shot black powder competitively through high school. It has only been in the last few years that I have learned to shoot and become more familiar with handguns. This has been very empowering and enjoyable for me.

A couple years ago, right after my birthday when my husband bought me my very first handgun, (a .38 special with a pink grip), I decided to get a holster for it. After all, I wanted to have the ability to carry concealed. I went to the local sporting goods store and purchased an inside the waistband leather holster for my .38 special. I soon realized that I would need to find a pair of jeans at least one size too big for this to work. I also realized that I needed a fairly hefty leather belt to both hold the holster in place and to keep my pants from falling down. Excited to use my very first holster and try out my new gun, I became acutely aware that this holster set up wasn’t ideal for me. First, it felt bulky, and the extra-large jeans and oversized shirt I had to wear didn’t help. Secondly, because I am a woman and I have curves and soft skin on my waist and hips, there was definitely some “pinching” happening. Thirdly, it didn’t take long for me to recognize that this holster would not fit into my wardrobe or my daily lifestyle since I don’t usually wear jeans and oversized t-shirts, so the search for the perfect holster began.

My initial frustration began when I visited every gun shop, gun show, and sporting goods store I could find and found I had the same options at each, rigid holsters (made of either leather or a hard plastic) designed to be most suitable for men, as well as an awful conceal carry purse or two. I also noticed that there were a lot of women shopping too, maybe looking for the same thing I was. My next stop was the internet. I was able to find several options, but at around hundred bucks a pop, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the risk. Typical shopping online; buy something, wait for it to arrive and then find out that it won’t work because of its fit, style or quality. And of course there’s the hassle of returning it (if that’s even an option) only to lose out on my shipping and handling fees both ways, an expensive way to try on products in my book. There had to be a better way.

My husband, after witnessing my sheer frustration, and hearing me say time and time again, “I just want to touch it, feel it and try it on before I buy it,” suggested that I do something about it, that maybe I wasn’t the only woman to feel this way. After hosting a friend’s kitchen products home party, he actually commented that is was too bad there wasn’t something like this for women’s holsters. The timing was perfect! We could create a company providing women with concealed carry options with in home demonstrations and no more shopping nightmares.  Voila…Haute Heat was born!

My true desire at Haute Heat is to provide you with the opportunity to shop for the perfect conceal carry choice that works with your body, your gun and your style. I want to give women the opportunity to Touch It, Feel It and Try It On before they buy it. Please feel free to contact me and I will help you to find the perfect solution for your needs.